Matrix World

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Matrix World is a decentralized open virtual world that enables users to interact with 3D immersive
applications while simultaneously running on different blockchains. The world is made up of Lands,
which are issued as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and permanently persisted on blockchain
networks such as Ethereum and Flow. Thus, the Matrix Lands are tradable and transferable via
blockchain networks, and their owners retain complete control over the creations on their Lands.
More technically, Lands can be bounded to a sandbox in Matrix Network, and the sandbox has its
own compute and storage resources. These resources allow the landowner and creators to govern
the visual appearance, inner properties, and lifecycle logic of the Land's creations, ultimately
resulting in the production of a 3D immersive application that can operate in perpetuity in the
Matrix cyberspace.
In Matrix World, users can take advantage of traditional 3D open-world features such as building
3D architectures, hosting virtual meetings, exhibiting digital assets (e.g., NFTs), and more advanced
functionality such as creating and hosting their own 3D decentralized applications (DApps) using
Matrix's built-in creator services and computational resources. These DApps include 3D games and
3D marketplaces, among others. Our ultimate goal is to create unlimited possibilities and
opportunities for metaverse by eliminating the boundary between multiple blockchains and
building a next-generation 3D open-world DApp platform on top of Matrix World.
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